Starting School

My 4 year old started school last week, and it’s been pretty emotional. Not just because I miss her, miss her constant chattering. Or because her little brother is lost without her.

I always imagined dropping her off at school, and walking the 5 minutes further on to my Mums house. I imagined telling my Mum all what my little girl had been getting up to at school, and my Mum being proud, in a way that only Nan’s can.

But we lost Mum 2 years ago, and so this week is really painful. I am reminded of my own first day at school. We didn’t have a camera, so no photos of dodgy home haircuts. Just memories that are harder to hold on to with every passing year.

I do remember that my Mum knitted me a grey cardi to start school with. I chose the buttons myself. This cardi is still going strong, and despite its uneven button holes, it’s really well made. And officially 30 years old this September.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for her), my daughter wears a red cardi for school. So my lovingly hand knitted cardi goes back in my memory box. Reminding me of just how special my Mum was.

My 4 year old was rather proud to model it though…


This is my entry in to the British Gas History of Home Competition!


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