Dream School Uniform

My oldest starts school next week, and I am not sure who is going to cry more. She is actually almost 5, so I have had her at home with me longer than most. And boy, am I going to miss her.

Earlier this week, I asked her to draw a picture of her dream school uniform. She said she wanted a picture of me on the front, so she would never miss me. Fortunately for her teacher, I will buy the standard grey pinafore and red cardigan though.


We tried to recreate her design using the Debenhams website. It was actually much easier, and cheaper than I thought. Here is what she chose


This top was £9, and she chose it because it looks like me. It doesn’t. She is too kind.

The jeans were £15, and are the style she always wears, so no surprise there.

Then she wanted a cardi to keep her warm, in case I wasn’t there to cuddle her (this set me off for the millionth time) £9

And some funky light up trainers for £35, because every girl needs light up trainers and no reason why

And lastly, a watch for £15, so she knows when it’s home time.

Not a bad price at £83 either!


4 thoughts on “Dream School Uniform

  1. Very grown up. The twinkle toes really do light up… The other day one of Lara’s wouldn’t stop twinkling and even when I went to bed it was like a disco in the hallway. Thanks for entering.

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