Transforming MY room!

Since we moved in to this house ten years ago, we have done every room apart from ours. Every other room is seen by people, and as usual, the kids rooms take priority over ours. Now, that’s not to say we don’t have nice furniture, but it needs a total makeover. And that manky wallpaper needs to go….


First of all, the walls need stripping. I would then paint them this gentle sky colour, with a wallpapered feature wall.


Then a new duvet cover. Something bright and girly, although my husband WILL object! And I always wanted cushions on my bed. I have no idea why people have cushions on their beds, but I am in Laurence Llewellyn Bowen mode.


One thing my bedroom doesn’t have is a bedside table. This one matches perfectly, and I could finally have somewhere to stash my emergency chocolate away from the kids!


You might be forgiven for thinking I don’t need one of the following, but with the 4 year starting school in a couple of weeks I might need it! This beautiful clock.


And now for the pricing. Good To Be Home are offering bloggers the chance to win £750 of John Lewis vouchers for their dream makeover.

Paint x 2 = £138
Wallpaper = £95
Duvet Cover = £100
Cushion x 4 = £160
Bedside Table = £225
Clock = £20

Now by my calculculations, that is £738. Which would leave £12 for cake!

Good to be Home Dream Room Competition

This is my entry in to the Little Stuff and Good To Be Home competition!


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