Vita Coco Kids

This week we were lucky enough to test out some delicious drinks from Vita Coco Kids


They come in two flavours, Apple and Blackcurrant, and Mango and Pineapple. Now, at first I was sceptical that my oh so fussy children would like a coconut water based drink. But oh my word, do these children love them!


My supply of them is rapidly dwindling, as the 3 year old asks for them constantly. I don’t actually mind, as they don’t have any baddies in them, and in this weather, it’s nice to have a change to water!


Not only do they make a delicious drink, they are also fantastic frozen! I popped a couple in the freezer overnight. In the morning, I cut the top off, and they make great lolly ices.


The 3 year old struggled keeping his popped up at a level he could easily eat from, so I tipped his in to a cup and let it melt a bit further. Hey presto, the boy had a slushie drink!


They are our new go-to picnic drink. We put them in to our cool bag frozen, and by lunch time they are perfect!



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