The Dogs Doodahs

Why do people have to have birthdays every single year? My nephew turned 18 last week, and expected ANOTHER card!

Luckily, The Dogs Doodahs were on hand to help out.

Most of my family live many miles away, so I often order their cards online. Saves a trip to the shops to buy a card, and then a trip again to post it. Especially when you have erm, forgotten and need to send a card pronto.

Their website was really straightforward. You can search using keywords, or using drop down boxes. The cards are really easy to personalise. One of my bugbears in life is wanting to have an age and a name or title. Shop bought cards usually only allow for one or the other.

So I chose my card, and swapped the name for his real one. I don’t think he would appreciate the wrong name again. (Sorry!) I actually left the inside blank this time, because I would be seeing him on his actual birthday, and my 4 year old liked writing it herself.

I added the card to the basket, and registered for an account. This was really quick and simple.


So then I waited. I ordered on the Sunday, and I received an email notification on the Monday that my card had been dispatched. And hey presto, Postie delivered the next day! Now obviously this part relies on Royal Mail and whether or not you have previously had to chase your postie down the street. I think mine is afraid of the mad woman now, so my deliveries are always prompt.


The card itself didn’t disappoint. I have had issues with another site sending me cards with uncapitalised names. It was good quality, and well finished.

The pricing was really good, but they also sell non personalised cards for 79p-99p. Perfect for all budgets!

Now I just need them to start selling Elsa themed cards for the 4 year olds birthday in September!

And invent a catchy jingle! I am available for jingle writing 😉


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