Mister Maker Cake Kits

We were lucky enough to receive a Mister Maker cake kit this week. Combining the kids love of CBeebies and making cakes was always going to be a winner!


The contents made it obvious that it was going to be easy. 3 rolls of icing, a bag of cake mix, and some cake cases. The back of the box also has really clear instructions for the less artistic (i.e. me). Oh, and one of the first things I noticed on the box was that they were suitable for vegetarians. There is nothing worse than slaving over a cake mix only to find you can’t even eat them!


So actually making the cakes is really easy. 1 egg and 7 teaspoons of water. Add 2 eager children, and stir.


Once the cakes are baked (ten-ish minutes), the fun begins. The four year old decided to follow the instructions to make a caterpillar, and the three year made the bear with help from me. The best bit about only having three colours is having to mix the colours to get the right colour. It was actually far easier than I thought though, and the icing is far more pliant than I had anticipated. They did get a bit bored after one animal each, and freestyled. The four year old used biscuit cutters, and the three year old made a lovely mix of marbled colour and plonked it about 2 inches thick on top of his cakes. The icing was very generous, so they didn’t have to fight over it either.


And these are our finished cakes…


And although it might sound messy, it was just a bit of icing sugar where the icing was rolled out to clean up. And of course, the bowl to lick!

A fantastic product, will definitely buy again. Would love to see some new designs and colours as well!


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