Center Parcs Challenge July

Center Parcs have teamed up with Tots100 this month, and challenged bloggers to make their own Lolly Ices.

I was particularly inspired by a tip from Deb Rogerson who says “Make multi-coloured ice lollies”

Now, every parent of small children has one of these lurking in their kitchen cupboard, don’t they?


And I bet they have made healthy fruit filled lolly ices, lemonade filled lolly ices, and funny looking ones that didn’t quite turn out right, but ate them anyway.

We decided to do something different with our moulds. We wanted bright and colourful, but ours aren’t for eating. Ours are for painting.

I half filled the mould with paint, and then I topped up with water. They needed a good stir to get them to mix, so I got the 4 year old busy. And them we left them in the freezer overnight.


The next morning, they were frozen solid, and even running them under warm water didn’t release them. So we just left them on the side for half an hour. But they were finally worth the wait!


They were so easy for the kids to use, and even though they were dressed in their painting clothes, the lolly ice handles helped keep them clean. It was a great way of mixing paint colours without pots of water and a million different brushes.

Kids verdict: FUN!


This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 July challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Whinfell Forest


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