Four year olds can be quite cute sometimes. I said sometimes. My four year old is rather loving, and very family orientated. Apart from when little brothers are annoying.

So when I asked her to draw her dream house, I wasn’t surprised one jot.

“This is me and Daddy, playing in the garden. He is singing, so I have to put my hand over his mouth”

“You Mummy, are inside singing Let It Go” (she has a point)

“George is in the living room playing with his toys, waiting for me to come and play with him” (read boss him about)

“And my cousins are all upstairs playing, and we are going to have a barbecue when they come down”


My two would be thrilled to win a #tigercubhideout from Tiger Sheds and not only would they invite all their family round, I am sure all their friends would be paying us a visit too!



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