Knowsley Safari Park

We were lucky enough to visit Knowsley Safari Park last week as VIPS, instead of the annual pass holders that we normally are. And what a fantastic day!

We started off with a guided VIP tour of the park. In this Land Rover Defender which was rather cool.


We must have driven this route twenty times in the last year, and every time it’s different. And on a VIP tour, it’s even better. Our lovely guide certainly knew her stuff, and put us at ease. Before we went, I was worried that we would slip up and show that we can’t actually identify half of the animals. Or that one of the kids would shout out one of the made up names that we have given to the unidentified animals. So we learnt all the names, but alas! I have forgotten most of them again. But I do have some great photos of peckers and geggers etc.


One of the animals that people always talk about are the lions. These are just magnificent close up. And when they are in a playful mood, the are amazing to watch. On the VIP tour, we drove across the cut through road, and got really close.


And possibly the most famous (and funny) of all the animals are the monkeys. We haven’t driven through since the windscreen wiper incident of 2012. So the kids were very excited to drive through and watch the monkeys getting up to mischief. And the very very cute baby monkeys.


One of the most surprising things was the gentleness of the rhinos. A few months ago, one charged slightly in our direction, and I have never been so frightened in my whole life. But they obviously recognise the KSP car, and this one came right up to us, and was nuzzling the car!


When we had finished our tour, we had the chance to go behind the scenes and feed the meerkats. The kids were very excited to see the food (worms, biscuits and fruit) and even more excited when the meerkats tried to nibble their Dads toes! We learnt some cool things about meerkats, and it was great when the public came over to watch!


Knowsley Safari Park has two giraffes, and they also have a viewing platform to get up close. They a truly amazing animals, and are just breathtaking to see them so close!


If you get bored of all the animals (doubtful), then there is also a good little funfair. Tickets are £2 each (accompanying adults go free) and the unlimited wristbands are £10 each, or £8 for annual pass holders. £16 for the four of us isn’t bad, when you consider we can easily spend 2 hours in this part!


A fun filled, fantastic day!


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