Ice Cream Farm

We had the pleasure of winning some delicious ice creams at the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm last week, and I think I am hooked!

What a huge dilemma, my two favourite flavours next to each other. Cherry cola and bubblegum. Bubblegum won. It was really hard for the kids to choose as well, the phrase “like a kid in a sweet shop” comes to mind!


Now, the ice cream farm isn’t just about the ice cream, they have so much more. We had also won entry to the soft play, which was fabulous. I would have loved to take photos, but as every area was full of children for the whole hour we were there, I didn’t feel it appropriate. I did manage to get a cheeky shot of my toes enjoying my favourite wavy slide though. Kids verdict – fun!


Coming out of the playbarn, you come across some little animals. These are right up the 3 year olds street, he loves ickle animals. Rabbits, guinea pigs, baby chicks etc. And then just beyond them are some bigger animals. Miniature ponies, pigs, goats, even peacocks. I think I fell in love with the miniature ponies, these are just super cute.


After seeing the animals, there are plenty of playground areas to let off steam (and chance for me to have another sneaky ice cream). They are wooden, and really encourage the kids to climb and be active. I was rather impressed with the monkey like skills my two showed!


We also played a round of crazy golf, which my two have never done before. We decided to just let the two kids play, because I would have whooped the husband at it, and that wouldn’t be fair for the kids to see. They particularly enjoyed the hole where you aim for the cows mouth, and the ball comes out of its bum. Par for the course when you have 3 and 4 year olds though.


We then made our way to the gift shop. Normally, you would expect these places to be overpriced, but we were pleasantly surprised! These two were £1.25 each…


Which left money for a present for me too!


Thank you Cheshire Ice Cream Farm!


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