Go Kids Soft Play

There are two reasons why I love Go Kids soft play. The coffee and the wifi. There are hundreds of reasons why this is the kids favourite soft play!


This week, they joined forces with 2 other 3 year old boys and took over the baby area. They are never allowed in, as it’s normally full of 1 year olds. But this week they seized the opportunity. It’s a lovely big area with lots of soft building blocks, and baby activities. Perfect for 4 year olds 😉


And then we have the toddler area. Aimed at up to 4s, it’s also great when you are 34. I don’t tend to go in this bit with them anymore, but when they were 1 and 3, I would often be found in the ball pool. There is a brilliant chute that sucks the balls up in to a net, and a rope that releases the balls back, often taking people by surprise. It has a lovely little wavy slide, and a high up tunnel that makes a perfect lookout.


Then we have the junior area for up to 12s. We only ever visit term time, weekdays, so my 4 year old is often the oldest child in there. It has a 6m drop slide, but this is always sealed off when we are there with littlies. The 4 lane wavy slide has fond memories for me. When I was 2 days overdue with the 3 year old, I hauled my fat bum down this slide over and over, hoping to entice him out. I am surprised I never got stuck climbing through to get to the slide! I think it worked though, as he appeared the next evening.

Anyway, this area is massive. Absolutely tons of space for them to run about and have fun. But the seating is positioned so that you still get a good view.


As well as the junior area, there is also a sports section and a quad bike section. Both are firm favourites with my two.



A couple of years ago, we held my 4 year olds second birthday party here, and really enjoyed it. There are a few different types of party to choose from, and the staff are great at hosting!


As you might see on the above leaflet, Go Kids also hosts baby and toddler classes, but we haven’t tried any of them. Baby sensory, sing and sign, Caterpillar music and Bumps & Beyond. I have seen some of these held in the sensory room, almost enough to tempt me in to having another baby!


Also, starting Tuesday 3rd July, the first Tuesday in every month is a monthly event for kids with disabilities and their carers. 6-8pm. I have seen this being promoted on Facebook, definitely worth passing on the info if you can!


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