CBeebies Land Review

As a Mum to a 3 and 4 year old, CBeebies has seen us through some long days. So when Alton Towers announced they were giving a makeover to an old, dated section of their theme park, it couldn’t come soon enough. The kids actually loved this section before, the rides were good. But they were in desperate need of a refresh.

CBeebies Land opened on 24th May, smack bang at the start of half term. And when your children haven’t started school yet, you avoid places like this like the plague. As soon as the bigger kids were back, we loaded the picnic in to the car, and off we went.

CBeebies Land itself is actually inside the park, so your ticket will get you in to CBeebies Land itself, and the rest of the theme park. There are a few other attractions for preschoolers, so don’t limit yourself to just this Land. Sharkbait Reef by Sea Life is a fairly recent addition, and a firm favourite with my two.

The entrance to CBeebies Land is just a short walk from the entrance. In fact, it couldn’t have been designed better with little legs in mind.


When we first arrived, the queues were around 20 minutes. By lunchtime, they were around 30. As we left, they were around 20 again. Which is not bad considering it has only been open a week.

Moving on to the rides (because that’s all you are interested in, right?)

The In The Night Garden ride was first on my 4 year olds list. And it seemed we weren’t the only ones. The queue was the longest of them all, but it actually didn’t feel too bad. There are little activities to keep the little ones entertained along the way, and they are always looking out for the next activity. Although the section by the giant xylophone was not particularly enjoyable when a rampant two year old unleashed his talents.



Right next to ITNG ride was Justin’s House. Again, we were kept amused by tv screens showing Justin’s House shows. A certain amount of people are allowed in, and you fill your bag with balls. Then you erm, shoot them at random strangers. I didn’t quite get this, but the kids enjoyed it immensely



The Numtums ride has always been a favourite of ours. It’s a simple premise, you sit on a numbered car (we had to have 3 and 4), and the ride spins slowly. Even the most lightweight of us all can handle this pure, clean fun.


The other biggie is the Postman Pat ride. Again, the queues were anticipated by Alton Towers, and there were activities along the queue. And to my shame, I failed miserably at the x ray game. A good change to this ride was that the two adults can sit comfortably in the back of Pats van. Previous years have certainly been a struggle. You do a loop of Greendale, and have to complete various missions along the way. The 3 year old didn’t really get this, but the 4 year old relished getting them all right.



Mr Tumbles sensory garden is a fantastic place to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all. There are some simple challenges along the way, some amazing smells, and you even get to learn a couple of signs along the way. Although the hardcore amongst us all will have been signing “butterfly” for the last 3 years anyway.



Walking around, there are plenty of things to see and do. The 3 year old had a go at hula hooping…


And the 4 year old enjoyed seeing the handprints of her favourite characters…


There were plenty of photo opportunities, Charlie and Lola cut outs, and even a Postman Pat van doing the rounds.

This continued in to the Big Fun Show Time area. A great picnic spot, with plenty of shows to entertain the kids. We watched Mike the Knight, and then joined in with the Nina show.



But even when there were no shows on, there was plenty to entertain the kids. Bowling, horse shoe throwing, bean bag tossing.




I wanted to show you the park map as well, because I don’t tend to use them. I get one on my first visit, and commit it to memory. But I realise not everyone is as strange as me.



In brief, CBeebies Land is a perfect day out for 3 and 4 year olds. And I suspect the hundreds of two year olds we saw enjoyed it too. My two loved it so much that we are planning to go back before the schools finish for summer!



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