Starting School

My 4 year old started school last week, and it’s been pretty emotional. Not just because I miss her, miss her constant chattering. Or because her little brother is lost without her.

I always imagined dropping her off at school, and walking the 5 minutes further on to my Mums house. I imagined telling my Mum all what my little girl had been getting up to at school, and my Mum being proud, in a way that only Nan’s can.

But we lost Mum 2 years ago, and so this week is really painful. I am reminded of my own first day at school. We didn’t have a camera, so no photos of dodgy home haircuts. Just memories that are harder to hold on to with every passing year.

I do remember that my Mum knitted me a grey cardi to start school with. I chose the buttons myself. This cardi is still going strong, and despite its uneven button holes, it’s really well made. And officially 30 years old this September.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for her), my daughter wears a red cardi for school. So my lovingly hand knitted cardi goes back in my memory box. Reminding me of just how special my Mum was.

My 4 year old was rather proud to model it though…


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My 4 year old started school this week, and is suddenly obsessed with monsters under her bed. Luckily, I do a good job of getting under there and chasing them all out.

I asked her to draw me a picture of a monster, and write a couple of lines about it. Drawing and writing are two of her favourite things, and I always enjoy the randomness of what a 4 year old comes up with.

So I present…Claw Monster


Claw Monster. He likes to eat ham. He lives in a field.

He also gives ME nightmares!

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Dream School Uniform

My oldest starts school next week, and I am not sure who is going to cry more. She is actually almost 5, so I have had her at home with me longer than most. And boy, am I going to miss her.

Earlier this week, I asked her to draw a picture of her dream school uniform. She said she wanted a picture of me on the front, so she would never miss me. Fortunately for her teacher, I will buy the standard grey pinafore and red cardigan though.


We tried to recreate her design using the Debenhams website. It was actually much easier, and cheaper than I thought. Here is what she chose


This top was £9, and she chose it because it looks like me. It doesn’t. She is too kind.

The jeans were £15, and are the style she always wears, so no surprise there.

Then she wanted a cardi to keep her warm, in case I wasn’t there to cuddle her (this set me off for the millionth time) £9

And some funky light up trainers for £35, because every girl needs light up trainers and no reason why

And lastly, a watch for £15, so she knows when it’s home time.

Not a bad price at £83 either!

Crisp Sarnie Week

This week is National Crisp Sarnie Week, and I decided to pay homage with my own double decker crisp sarnie

So I started with a layer of cheese..


And then a layer of chips…


Then another piece of bread, layered with cheese…


And then the best bit. Are you ready? A layer of cheese and chive Seabrook crisps…



And then topped off with another layer of bread!


I call it the cheesey, chippy, cheese and chive crisp sarnie.

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Bad Habits

I have a terrible bad habit
I’m teetotal and don’t smoke
Just one thing I can’t resist
A glass of room temperature coke


My 3 year old crows “coke no ice”
When asked what Mum likes to sup
From bottles, cans, straight from the tap
I have no plans to give it up


I sometimes get angry
I don’t know who to blame
Who can I complain to?
I can never find my name!


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Transforming MY room!

Since we moved in to this house ten years ago, we have done every room apart from ours. Every other room is seen by people, and as usual, the kids rooms take priority over ours. Now, that’s not to say we don’t have nice furniture, but it needs a total makeover. And that manky wallpaper needs to go….


First of all, the walls need stripping. I would then paint them this gentle sky colour, with a wallpapered feature wall.


Then a new duvet cover. Something bright and girly, although my husband WILL object! And I always wanted cushions on my bed. I have no idea why people have cushions on their beds, but I am in Laurence Llewellyn Bowen mode.


One thing my bedroom doesn’t have is a bedside table. This one matches perfectly, and I could finally have somewhere to stash my emergency chocolate away from the kids!


You might be forgiven for thinking I don’t need one of the following, but with the 4 year starting school in a couple of weeks I might need it! This beautiful clock.


And now for the pricing. Good To Be Home are offering bloggers the chance to win £750 of John Lewis vouchers for their dream makeover.

Paint x 2 = £138
Wallpaper = £95
Duvet Cover = £100
Cushion x 4 = £160
Bedside Table = £225
Clock = £20

Now by my calculculations, that is £738. Which would leave £12 for cake!

Good to be Home Dream Room Competition

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42 Days Of Summer (In the garden)

We haven’t quite had 42 days of sunshine, but that hasn’t stopped us! We have spent as much time as we can in our back garden, playing and munching McVities BN biscuits. In between scoffing, I have managed to list 8 of our favourite things –

1. Raid the Recycling box.
Our most played with activity is our water wall. I nailed a trellis to the fence, and used cable ties to attach various bottles/cartons. A friend kindly donated some old hose, and the kids have hours of water fun. We also made our own sprinkler with a 2l bottle, with some holes stabbed in. And then we made a bubble blower with an old sock wrapped around a 500ml drink bottle with the bottom cut off. You just dip this in a bubble solution, and the holes in the sock create hundreds of amazing bubbles.


2. Get green fingers.
I am the least green fingered person you will ever meet. I once killed a bamboo plant that only needed the water changing weekly. But even I managed to help them grow strawberries.


3. Throw a garden party.
We themed ours on a general Disney theme, but I suspect the next one will be Frozen themed. We decorated the garden with bunting, and I made a “pin the face on Mr Potato Head” to stick on the patio doors. I then drew (to the best of my non artistic ability) some characters to decorate the kitchen walls, and made some themed food. Ok, and some party bags. I am not known for keeping my parties simple.


4. Sand.
Sand needs no explanation. I have avoided it until now, as I didn’t trust them not to just fling it everywhere. Well, at Ieast the 3 year old. But they were very good, and just had a sandcastle building competition.


5. Water Fun
If in doubt, get them wet.
My two were born to be in water. In fact, the 3 year old was born in water, in a lovely little paddling pool in my living room. Favourites are the obvious paddling pool. A bowl of soapy water for them to wash their toys. Filling the water table with ice cubes. And a bowl of water with clean paintbrushes for them to paint the fence.


6. Water balloons
These are so much fun, but the fun lasts for approximately 30 seconds. And it takes you about 3 hours to fill them all up in the first place. But a rite of passage, I think.


7. Keep it free.
And simple. Sometimes they just need to be shown some really simple games. Leapfrog, running laps, or tug of war. Can’t wait until they can invite 20 friends around to play British Bulldog.


8. Arts and Crafts
Anything that can be done indoors, works better outdoors. Painting with their feet, although this does get messy so have the paddling pool ready. Or chalking on the pavement. My front garden is currently sporting my 4 year olds full name, age 4, and a self portrait.


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